“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating the talents of those who work for us and pointing them toward a certain goal.”
– Walt Disney

Post-planning phase

Once permits are issued and you are ready to build, we assist you in managing the actual construction process of your project. While this is work some owner builder/DIY contractors can do on their own, we can provide additional key project benefits:
  • We offer our clients access to the project through state-of-the-art construction management software. This is the hub where the real time schedule is held, communication management is provided, and up to date financial tracking of the construction costs is maintained. This software is used to keep a clear line of communications between project manager/owner builder and subcontractors. This expedites the flow of information and prevents costly delays and missed milestones.
  • Additionally, we offer the following construction management services as part of our base construction management consulting package:
    o   Contract Management
    o   Work Breakdown Schedule
    o   Resource Allocation
    o   Cost Control
    o   Quality Management
    o   Safety & Risk Management
    o   Punch List Management
    o   Close Out and Warranty Documentation 

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